Police ensuring no human rights violations in St. Catherine North State of Emergency

ACP Ealan Powell
Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell, who has been tasked with overseeing the implementation of the State of Emergency in the St. Catherine North Division, has said his team will ensure that there are no human rights violations.
"We are ensuring that when persons are brought in, they are processed in the shortest possible time. If they are not wanted in connection with any crime, they are not a suspect, they are not a person of interest, nothing is known about them, they are released," said the Assistant Commissioner.  
He noted that there has been no complaint so far of any human rights abuse.
"People have expressed pleasure at how they are being treated and we wish for that to continue as long as we are here," he said. 
ACP Powell added that the police and military have restored order to the town centre and bus park in Spanish Town.
The bus park is a known haven for extortionists and members of the Clansman gang.
"The town centre was very chaotic (but) we're ensuring that as far as vending is concerned and as far the taxi service is concerned, those are regularised so that people only vend in areas that are provided for vending and that the taxis behave in a way as you'd see in a modern, developed city," the senior cop declared. 
ACP Powell is also in charge of the operational apparatus of the State of Emergency in St. James.

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