Police Federation seeking better wage offer from gov't

Sergeant Raymond Wilson
The Police Federation is hoping for an improved wage offer from the Government on Monday when it goes back to the negotiating table.
At its last meeting at the Ministry of Finance, the Federation, like other public sector trade unions, rejected the wage offer of six per cent for the 2017/2019 contract period.
Sergeant Raymond Wilson, Chairman of the Police Federation, told RJR News Monday morning that the union is prepared to continue negotiations until it can get a reasonable offer. 
"Given what we have seen, we are really hoping that the government will reconsider what they have placed on the table before and do something about this significantly inadequate salary that our police officers are forced to live from," he asserted. 
Sergeant Wilson has stated that, if the meeting does not deliver a favourable response, the matter will be taken back to the members to decide the next move. 

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