Police hunt for men who robbed house in Spur Tree

The Manchester Police are searching for six men, who robbed a household of a firearm and ammunition and other valuables, at Swabys Hope, Spur Tree yesterday morning.

The men, said to have been armed with handguns and rifles, stole the safe in which the firearm, two magazines and 50 nine millimetre cartidges were stored.

It's reported that, about 4am, one of the occupants of the house heard strange sounds outside and went to investigate.

He reported that he was pounced on by the men, who wore masks and latex gloves.

The man was forced back inside the house and physically assaulted.

Along with the firearm and ammunition, the robbers also stole three motor vehicles, television sets, linens and a power washer.

The stolen items are valued at $7 million .

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