Police officers injured on the job to get more State help

Dr. Horace Chang
There is to be more support for police personnel who are injured on the job or incur legal costs resulting from their work.
During his contribution to the 2018/19 Sectoral Debate on Tuesday, National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang, said a protocol is to be established on how policemen injured in the line of duty are to be treated at health facilities.
He said the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry has been charged to work along with the Ministry of Health and the University Hospital of  the West Indies, to establish the protocol this financial year.
"If the bill has to be paid after, then so let it be; the Ministry of National Security will do so. But they cannot be injured on the job and go to hospital and start worrying about how they're gonna be treated," Mr Chang purported. 
The security minister said cops charged with an offence while in the lawful execution of their duties, must be supported by the State until the Court decides on their innocence.
He said this must include the legal support to aid in their defence.
"His or her innocence must be proven. We cannot treat the officer (like) he's guilty until proven innocent," said Mr. Chang. 

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