Police probe fatal shooting of man at St. Ann bus park

A probe is being carried out by the St Catherine North and the St Ann Police, in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of  a man in a bus park in St Ann on Saturday.

The police report that David Gray otherwise called "Shortman" was attacked by gunmen.

Investigators say he was a member of  the Andre "Blackman" Bryan faction of  the Clansman gang.

The investigators are trying to determine whether the dispute between  Bryan and the other alleged leader of  the gang - Tesha Miller - over the leadership of  the criminal network is posing a threat to St Ann.

Four of  the seven murders in the St Catherine North Police Division this month have been linked to the Clansman Gang feud.


 Andre "Blackman" Byran and Tesha Miller are in custody charged with murder, shooting and extortion.


Miller has been charged with the 2008 murder of  the Managing Director of  the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) Douglas Chambers who was killed at the JUTC depot in Spanish Town.

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