Police trying to quell upsurge of violence in Nine Miles, Ten Miles

The police in East Kingston and St. Thomas are tryng to quell an upsurge in murders and shootings in the Nine Miles and Ten Miles communities.
Three persons have been killed in the last week in a gang feud.
Senior Superintendent Victor Hamilton, head of the Kingston Eastern Police, says both divisions are in talks to find a strategy to quash the violence.
There are reports that fugitives who fled the Zones of Special Operations and the States of Emergency have been hiding in the hilly areas of Nine and Ten Miles and this has triggered the bloody feud.
On Saturday, William George Miller, otherwise called Willie Ras was fatally shot in Nine Miles on the East Kingston side.
Since his killing, two persons have been murdered in Ten Miles, St. Thomas.
The latest victim is 63 year-old Cumi Daley of Tank-Well Road in the parish.
Shortly after 7 o'clock Thursday morning, Mr. Daley was going to work when he was shot in the head along Gypsum Road. 
On Wednesday, 23-year old Chinyo Lewis of Ten Miles, Bull Bay, was killed at a shop on Gypsum Road.
Investigators reported that residents of Gypsum Road have been fleeing the community.
Parents are also scared to send their children to school.

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