Political Ombudsman writing to Holness, Phillips regarding ongoing works in Portland Eastern

Donna Parchment Brown
Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown will be writing to the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader on Wednesday about her concerns with works being carried out in sections of Portland Eastern.
Mrs Parchment Brown said the matter is serious and needs an urgent response.
She said the letter will include what was observed during her visit to the constituency on Friday as well as recommendations. 
"We are almost at nomination day and several of these matters I would like to be corrected and that they would cease and desist before nomination day and that none of them be undertaken between nomination day and election day," she said. 
On Tuesday, she told RJR News that she saw roads being patched and a playfield being constructed.
The Political Ombudsman is trying to determine whether the works are in breach of campaign financing regulations as the activities could be considered improper and corrupt.
Meanwhile, Mrs Parchment Brown said JLP General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang was a no show at Tuesday's meeting during which issues relating to Portland Eastern were to be discussed with the general secretaries of the two major political parties.

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