Portland police vowing to specially montor drivers with history of road code breaches


In the wake of Monday's deadly bus crash in Portland, the police have revealed that there are specific drivers in the parish, known for habitually breaching the Road Traffic Act, and who are being specially monitored.

Superintendent Dwayne Wellington, head of the Portland police division, has characterized these drivers as repeatedly being ticketed but continuing to operate contrary to the road code.

Monday's bus crash off the Black Hill main road claimed the life of a Titchfield High School student and injured another 23.

The driver, who was also injured, has been warned for prosecution.

Superintendent Wellington, speaking Tuesday on RJR's Beyond the Headlines, said the police were monitoring “at least five repeat offenders within Port Antonio proper”.

While noting that “we cannot be all places all the time,” Superintendent Wellington said the police had increased their monitoring of public passenger vehicles in recent weeks, “and we plan to do more with other bodies that are responsible for the transport sector.”

He expressed optimism that continued enforcement will assist in prosecuting these and other offenders to prevent similar tragedies.

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