Possibility of bipartisan compromise on legislative changes to improve national security

There are reports that the ongoing collaboration between the government and opposition over security issues, could lead to legislative changes as both sides have been meeting since the opposition last month voted against an extension of  the States of  Emergency. 

National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, says there are many communities which require heightened security presence, and the collaboration will assist in determining the best approach.

 He however  shared some of  the areas where there seems to be agreement that more focus should be placed.

“I think there is common acceptance of the challenges we face  - but overall there is common support and we will get more support going forward.  Bear in mind that some of the things that we are doing are things that cannot be reversed . In terms of improving the infrastructure for security at police stations…. These are things that are quite basic, they don’t make the front pages but we have the support of the opposition,”the National Security Minister said. 

Meanwhile, the opposition People’s National Party’s (PNP) spokesman on  National Security, Fitz Jackson, is accepting that there may be consensus on major areas of  concern.

“I would want to believe that we have reached it in that regard. The security forces have indicated that they are so disposed and we will give our support to it , that in areas where there was the state of emergency and there was no zones of special operation (zoso) like St. Catherine North, we would not be opposed to giving support to a zoso there is necessary. If the objective conditions exist and we need to have the zoso in other areas, then it is something that we will consider,” Jackson said. 


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