Preliminary report contradicts resident's statement regarding child with Down syndrome - Green

Floyd Green
Youth Minister Floyd Green says a preliminary report has contradicted an allegation by a resident of Rivoli, St. Catherine that the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) failed to act on reports of a suspected case of child neglect involving a four year-old boy.
The child, who resides in Rivoli, is said to have Down syndrome. 
Mr. Green received the report from the CPFSA on Monday.
According to the State Minister, the report said the agency had no record of a followup call being made to it in relation to the child. 
Mr. Green said when the child was taken into police custody, the agency would have then made a followup visit into the home and spoken to residents and others concerned.  
"You could see in relation to the report the difference between what was reported preliminarily and what was reported the second time around," said the State Minister. 
In the meantime, the police are still searching for the mother of the four year-old boy. 
He was taken from the home by the police and placed in State care last week. 

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