Prohibition order on water still in effect, says NWC

Charles Buchanan, NWC Corporate Communications Manager
The National Water Commission (NWC) is warning that a prohibition order remains in effect despite recent rainfall which significantly improved levels at one of the Corporate Area catchment facilities.
The prohibition order, issued late last month, makes it a prosecutable offence to use excessive amounts of potable water for non-essential purposes. 
NWC Corporate Communications Manager Charles Buchanan has said conditions which led to the prohibition notice have not changed significantly. 
"We are still experiencing drought conditions - that is still significantly below normal inflows at about 90 of the NWC's 460 water supply systems across the country. Most of these are in eastern parishes but a few drought affected systems are also in some western parishes," he noted. 
Mr. Buchanan further explained that the prohibition order needed to be continued as Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean region moves into the even dryer summer months, during which meteorologists predict below normal inflows of rainfall. 

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