Public sector teachers placed on high alert

Public sector teachers have again been put on high alert as the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) pursues its wage claims with the Government.
The JTA will hold consultations with members on the latest offer from the Government which includes extending the two year wage contract to four years.
The Association has not indicated whether it will accept the offer.
Addressing teachers at a JTA sports award ceremony at St Elizabeth Technical High School last night, President Georgia Waugh-Richards suggested that they should prepare themselves for any eventuality as the wage negotiations progress.
"The Jamaica Teachers' Association is not just about the academics but about the total development of the teacher - that's why we say six per cent won't do, because our teachers deserve much better than that. Tonight's activity is possibly preparing us for a greater activity where we will need more strength and togetherness," the JTA president said.
Waugh-Richards said the sports competition could be viewed as a rehearsal for things to come.

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