Ramharrack was reportedly facing 19 misconduct charges at time of resignation

RJR News has received further information regarding the events in the lead-up to the sudden resignation of Yolande Ramharrack, Petrojam's  Human Resources Manager, in November last year.

It’s understood that Miss Ramharrack was facing 19 charges of misconduct at the time of her November 22 departure from the state run-oil refinery. These include providing inaccurate information regarding the improper use of funds for two parties held by Petrojam at hotels.

Miss Ramharrack was also accused of divulging inaccurate information concerning the employment of her brother at Petrojam.

She was facing a three-member disciplinary committee at the time of her resignation. The members of that committee were attorneys Patrick Foster QC and Gareth Forbes as well as industrial relations specialist Christopher Bond.

Mr. Foster was the chairman.

The committee commenced hearings on October 26 and continued three days later.

Several witnesses, including Petrojam's General Manager Winston Watson, gave testimony on behalf of  the refinery.

According to information received by RJR News, the committee was scheduled to continue disciplinary hearings against Miss Ramharrack on November 28 and 29.

Members of the committee were then informed by Petrojam however that their services would no longer be needed as Miss Ramharrack had resigned.

News emerged last week that Ms Ramharrack was paid $9.2 million to leave Petrojam despite incomplete disciplinary procedures against her in relation to several alleged breaches.

There were assertions that the severance payment and the signing of a non-disclosure agreement were meant to shield the government from embarrassment.

That has been strongly denied by Prime Minister Andrew Holness who declared on Sunday that he will be tabling Miss Ramharrack's employment contract in Parliament

Mr Holness said the decision was made to ensure full transparency.



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