Recently released SOE detainees linked to upsurge in violence in St. James

National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, has confirmed that persons who were released from detention under the State of  Emergency in St. James are behind the recent flare up of  violence in sections of  the parish.

Three persons have been killed in St. James in the past 48 hours.

The latest incident took place yesterday afternoon in Paradise Norwood when two unidentified men were killed.

Dr. Chang, who was in the parish, spoke with RJR News.

“Those who have been released from detention are now active again.Even with the heavy presence of police and soldiers on the ground. In fact, the most recent murder and shooting took place within about 200 yards of a checkpoint and line of sight.”

 Meanwhile, the National Security Minister again responded to criticism regarding the detention of  persons under the St. James State of  Emergency which expired on January 31.

“Mischievous and irresponsible individuals who were charging the police with sweeping young men off the streets without information was totally wrong, as we  indicated before. All detentions were based on intelligence. It takes time to accumulate evidence . The detentions were necessary to ensure control of the space until we can build the evidence to lock away those who should be locked away and to allow hard working citizens to stay alive and continue to work in peace,” the National Security Minister said. 


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