Residents complain about dust, flooding from work on St. Thomas bridge

Resident Pamella O'Hara and Yvette Skervin, operator of Linval's Hardware and Block Factory
Residents and business owners are complaining about a dust nuisance and flooding caused by construction activities taking place on Ward River bridge in Port Morant, St. Thomas.
A resident, Pamella O'Hara, says the dust is affecting her and other family members who live near the bridge.
"From the bridge started, we're having a lot of problems. The water comes over in the house at times and now the dust is killing me," she bemoaned. 
Yvette Skervin, the operator of Linval's Hardware and Block Factory, said her business is also affected whenever it rains.
"What happen is that the river mouth needs to be cleaned so that the water can flow out and it has been more than two years now that this is happening. We have to be dumping and dumping, and how much more can we dump?" she questioned frustratedly.  
She is appealing to the National Works Agency to address the matter.

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