Residents in Haddon, Moneague affected by smoke from nearby dump

Errol Campbell, President of the Haddon Citizens Association and Audley Gordon, Executive Director of the NSWMA
Residents of Haddon in Moneague, St. Ann are being affected by thick smoke coming from the dump which is located in the centre of the community.
They say the smoke nuisance has existed for a more than a week. 
The residents say a fire has been raging at the dump since last Thursday which has resulted in poor visibility.
Errol Campbell, President of the Haddon Citizens Association, said the situation is becoming unbearable. 
"It is killing us. We cannot come out of the house in the morning. People have to be travelling with mask tying over their mouth... We are thinking of getting a lawyer because everybody have to locked in their house (sic); seems like we are prisoners. This is not right for us..." he lamented. 
Audley Gordon, Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), said attempts are being made to extinguish the blaze. 
"We have taken the decision now to get a excavator to burst open the area, to dig down and to identify the root cause of the smoke. Once we do that then we can then move to deal with it decisively by putting it out," he said. 

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