Restrictions imposed on protesting inmates at Fort Augusta

Dexter Thompson, Director of Communication, Department of Correctional Services


The Department of Correctional Services says it has taken drastic steps to quell  unrest at Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre.

Dexter Thompson, Director of Communication in the Department, has confirmed that restrictions have now been imposed on certain inmates.

A search was carried out and four cellphones were confiscated, and arrangements were also made to "immediatel separate those (inmates) who are considered a danger to themselves and others," he told RJR News.

The inmates had gone on social media twice recently, raising security concerns and alleging that the authorities have been violating their rights.

They have also claimed that they were being denied medication and food by prison authorities and, in one instance, an inmate was abused.

But Mr Thompson declared that this is not true, without providing any evidence beyond his personal observations, saying he did not see any inmate with a bruise, other than the one who was attacked by a fellow inmate.

"I did not see a bruise on any other female, so I am refuting that statement based on what I have witnessed," he insisted.

He told RJR News that the decision to impose restrictions was based on the level of  security risks being detected.

He added that a team of officials from the Ministry of National Security and members of the Department of Correctional Services toured the prison on Tuesday.

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