Samuda concerned school at Qahal Yahweh compound not registered with Education Ministry

Karl Samuda
Minister with responsibility for Education, Karl Samuda, has expressed concern that students at the Total Learning Centre at the Qahal Yahweh Church compound in Norwood, St. James are not being exposed to the ministry's curriculum.
It has been revealed that the learning centre is not registered with the Ministry's Independent Schools Unit.
Mr. Samuda said activities on the compound are not consistent with the regular school curriculum. 
"I am deeply concerned...because as you know, I've been preaching like a gospel my commitment to ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity and they start from the same starting block and anything that interrupts that flow, interrupts that process, is of grave concern to me," he said. 
The Education Ministry said the Qahal Yahweh Church sent an incomplete application for approval under the Independent Schools Regulations. 
It said the application was returned to the proprietor, Omar Thompson, as is the protocol for incomplete applications.
It has been reported that Mr. Thompson told the St. James Family Court on October 30 that the Ministry of Education is aware of the school. He reportedly said he was awaiting documentation from the ministry with regards to the registration of the school. 
Mr. Samuda has said his Ministry will be finding ways to ensure that children at the Total Learning Centre are included in the education system. 
Some of the practices of the religious sect have come under closer public scrutiny in recent weeks, following two raids by the police on its compound and the removal of several minors.

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