SCJ Holdings trying to diffuse tension with Bernard Lodge farmers

Joseph Shoucair, Chairman of SCJ Holdings
SCJ Holdings is seeking to diffuse tension with farmers occupying the Bernard Lodge lands in St. Catherine.
Joseph Shoucair, the company's chairman, has admitted that inadequate notice was given to the farmers to relocate.
However, Mr. Shoucair said they are getting a good deal.
"We are meeting with them on a one-on-one basis now to say, 'Pay me for what I have or give me time to reap it' and in either event, we will agree. This week, the first batch of farmers, each person will receive a letter which will have attached to it a copy of the valuation of their holdings done by RADA and indicating the amount of compensation that will be payable," he said.  
The farmers have been complaining about the manner in which they are being evicted from the property, and the proposed site for their relocation.
They have also threatened legal action if the issues are not resolved.  

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