Search intensifies for baby stolen from Victoria Jubilee Hospital

Detective Inspector Phillip Dodd; Sinclair Hutton, the missing child's father; Colleen Wright, CEO of Victoria Jubilee Hospital
The search has intensified for the three day old baby boy who was abducted and the woman who took him from a ward at Victoria Jubilee Hospital.   
There is now growing concern about the health of the baby who was taken from the hospital about 5 o'clock Wednesday morning.
Detective Inspector Phillip Dodd, Crime Officer for the Kingston West Police Division, said the child may be in need of urgent medical attention. 
He urged citizens to be on the lookout at clinics and hospitals for anyone with a newborn who might seem suspicious and to contact the Denham Town Police or the nearest police station. 
The family of the newborn, in the meantime, is considering taking legal action against Victoria Jubilee Hospital.
The child's father, Sinclair Hutton, told RJR News that the family has secured legal representation.
Colleen Wright, Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Jubilee Hospital, said the abduction may have occurred due to a security breach.
A security guard was missing from his post when the baby went missing.
Mr. Hutton has said the incident is taking a toll on the family.
He told RJR News that the mother has also been accused by guards at the hospital of being involved in her son's abduction. 
Attorney-at-Law and Child Care Specialist Ricardo Sandcroft said if the case goes to court, the family will have to establish that the hospital was negligent in providing care for the child. 
He said to prevent a recurrence of the incident, the hospital will have to put more security measures in place.   
The Victoria Jubilee Hospital has said it will be upgrading its security system.

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