Search on for more members of Kings Valley gang in Westmoreland

ACP Fitz Bailey, head of C-TOC
A major manhunt is now on for the remaining members of the Westmoreland-based Kings Valley Gang which has been linked to several murders, extortion and robberies in the parish.
The gang is also involved in the lottery scam.
The Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC), on Friday revealed that it has identified 27 members of the criminal network.
Nine members of the gang were detained during an operation in the communities of Kings Valley and Peggy Barry in Westmoreland on Wednesday. 
They were transferred to Kingston.
Assistant Commissioner Fitz Bailey, head of CTOC, said the gang operates solely in Westmoreland, however, it could be linked to other criminal networks. 
ACP Bailey said some members of the gang may have escaped the police dragnet and fled to other parishes. 

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