Security being improved at Cumberland High

Principal Michael Brydson


The administration of Cumberland High School in Portmore, St. Catherine says infrastructural work is to begin soon to help improve security on the campus.
Michael Brydson, Principal of the school, says this is due to the intervention of  the Education Ministry.  
The school has been in the spotlight recently following an incident in which a student alleged that she was abused by the principal. The principal claimed the student damaged his vehicle.
But, it has since emerged that there are several other issues affecting the institution, including community members invading the property.
Mr. Brydson states that this is being corrected.

"The ministry is working on the fencing as we speak because the last time we had an incident like this, we were promised some advancement in the work and so far we have done some measuring and I am expecting some work to start through this new budget," he outlined on RJR's Beyond The Headlines on Wednesday.

He said this would prevent students from going over the fence "as easily as they now do" and also prevent outsiders from invading the school property.

Special Ed teachers needed
Meanwhile, Mr. Brydson said Cumberland High School is in need of more special education teachers.
He said it has several students with special needs due to their level of intellectual development.

"We have made appeals to the ministry and I'm sure they are acting on it. We are asking for at least two special education teachers to come in the school to assist the teachers who are trained to teach normal high school children."  

Mr. Brydson acknowledged that there are significant behavioural challenges members of staff face at the institution, which also require intervention. However, he argued that these challenges are not enough to cripple the proper functioning of the school.

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