Security Minister unveils latest crime plan

Dr. Horace Chang
The Government is expressing confidence it finally has a strategy that can tackle Jamaica's high levels of lawlessness.
The anti-crime plan was unveiled by National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang during his contribution to the sectoral debate in the House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon.
He acknowledged that records suggest that nothing has changed over the last 56 years regarding the tackling of crime in Jamaica.
Still, Dr. Chang cited support from the Prime Minister, renewed energy and alignment with the private sector and strong law enforcement leadership as new variables in the equation, which should ensure the current plan's success. 
"Mr. Speaker, the time is now. The time for discussion is over. Now is the time for action. We will no longer tolerate vicolence in any shape or form. We intend to restore safety to our public spaces. We will restore hope and self respect to our young people, especially in volatile communities," he declared. 
Dr. Chang said a huge thrust of the anti-crime plan will be a sustained focus on Public Order and a National Anti-violence Campaign. 
He said the campaign would be launched by the end of August. 
In the meantime, the Ministry will be utilising current social intervention programmes to intercept the recruitment of young men into gangs.
Dr. Chang said his ministry has started the review of the Anti-Gang Law and will also be updating the Proceeds of Crime Act.
He also said the ministry is far advanced in the drafting of the legislation to govern the new police service as well as an effective oversight mechanism for policing functions. 

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