Senate passes Child Diversion Bill with amendments

Senators K.D. Knight and Ruel Reid
The Senate on Friday afternoon passed the Child Diversion Bill with 13 amendments.
The Bill, which seeks to enable measures in dealing with children who come into conflict with the law, was passed after a lengthy debate.
In his contribution last week, Opposition Senator Damion Crawford recommended that the bill be expanded to encompass young adults who fall outside the definition of child, but are still eligible for programmes under the proposed legislation.
Opposition Senator K.D. Knight, during his contribution Friday afternoon, agreed, arguing that an expansion to involve persons up to the age of 20 should be considered. 
Information and Youth Minister Senator Ruel Reid, who piloted the bill, said the point had been considered but was declined. 
He noted that the issue with regards to persons over the age of 18 can be dealt with in a separate legislation. 
The Bill was passed in the House of Representatives in May.

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