Senate passes Fisheries Bill

It will soon be mandatory for persons fishing in Jamaican waters to have a valid licence.This is one of  the provisions of  the Fisheries Bill which was passed by the Senate yesterday.

Under the proposed amendments persons who fail to provide a valid fishing licence could face a fine of  up to $10,000.

Leader of  Government Business in the Senate, Kamina Johnson Smith, who piloted the Bill, noted that it also makes it an offence for persons to catch underdeveloped fish.

“Mister President clause 93 deals with the offense of using a drift net for fishing …they catch the tiny fish that are never thrown back. It is never considered that if you don’t protect the baby fish, you won’t have big fish to catch. So this is treated as a specific offense under this act,” Johnson Smith said. 

The Bill was passed in the House of  Representatives in July.

It will replace the Fisheries Act of  1976. 

Work on amendments to the Act started in 1995.

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