Senator Samuda now pushing for parrot fish closed season

Following the failure to have a ban instituted on the catching of  parrot fish, Government Senator Mathew Samuda has announced that he'll now be proposing a closed season for that fish.

Senator Samuda, addressing a recent meeting of  the Rotary Club of  Trafalgar New Heights in St Andrew, disclosed that a working group, comprised of seven environmental groups as well as marine biologists, is in agreement with the proposal.

The parrot fish reportedly accounts for 30 per cent of the fish caught in Jamaican waters, and there are 18,000 fishermen who depend on the income from them.

But Senator Samuda remains optimistic that a closed season for parrot fish can be successfully implemented in Jamaica, given the experiences the country has had with similar arrangements for lobster and conch.

Parrot fish play an important part in the sustenance of  reefs, which are crucial to the replenishing of  sand.

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