Sender of massive arms shipment from the US questioned

Homer Davis, Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation and Oswest Senior Smith, attorney for the woman listed as the receiver for the arms shipment
It has emerged that the Jamaican woman whose name appeared on documents as the shipper of the arms and ammunition intercepted in the United States, last month, has been questioned by US law enforcement personnel.
The woman, a resident of St. James and Florida in the US, was reportedly questioned on Monday and released by US agents in Miami.
She is said to have denied knowledge of the arms and ammunition.
Sources say a well-known entertainer in St. James is now the focus of the investigation as it is believed the weapons were destined for members of his criminal gang.
US agents intercepted 117 illegal guns, including several rifles, and more than 200 rounds of ammunition at Miami International Airport a month ago.
They were destined for a criminal gang in Flanker, St. James.
St. James Municipal Corporation probe   
Meanwhile, Homer Davis, Chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation, has ordered an investigation into the employment status of the woman who is being investigated as the shipper of the arms and ammunition which were destined for Jamaica.
The woman is in the records of the Corporation as the personal assistant of Councillor for the Granville Division Michael Troupe.
Mr. Troupe's attorney, Henry McCurdy, last week disclosed that the woman was a former employee who suddenly left the job three months ago.
However, in an interview with RJR News on Tuesday, Mr. Davis said there is documentation showing that the woman received a salary up to October.
"Documents at the council have revealed that this lady was given task by Councillor Troupe and signed off on by Councillor Troupe and has been recommended for payment by Councillor Troupe for the period of October 1 to (October 31, 2017)," he detailed. 
He said records show that the woman signed as receiving those payments on the November 17. 
Mr. Davis said the Corporation is concerned about the development. As a result, he has requested that an investigation be conducted and a report be presented by Wednesday. 
That report will then be forwarded to the Minister Local Government and Community Development, he said. 
Receiver to face more questioning 
In the meantime, another woman named as the receiver of the shipment, is to face further questioning by C-TOC investigators on Thursday.
She was taken into custody on Monday after she surrendered to the cops.
Her attorney, Oswest Senior Smith, filed a writ before the St. Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday demanding the release of his client.
Mr. Senior Smith said C-TOC detectives on Monday urged his client to cooperate with them in the investigation. 
Parish Judge Maxine Ellis told Mr. Senior Smith to give the cops time to conduct their probe and to return on Thursday to renew his applicaiton.
Investigators are alleging that the woman checked on the barrels at the wharf in St. James, but did not return to clear them.
The cops, who were watching the barrels for three weeks, as part of a covert operation, alleged that information was leaked that the guns had been intercepted.

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