Seventy-five per cent oppose legalising abortion in Jamaica, poll reveals

Pollster Don Anderson


The latest RJRGLEANER Don Anderson poll has found that Jamaicans remain strongly opposed to legalisation of abortion, with 75 per cent taking that view. In contrast, only 25 per cent are in favour of legalisation.

The poll was conducted from February 15 to March 3 and garnered the views of one thousand respondents island-wide.

Pollster Don Anderson revealed that, even among that 25 per cent who support abortion, 44 per cent  felt that it should be confined to special circumstances such as where rape or incest was involved; 24 per cent would support it on medical grounds, while 21 per cent would support it under any circumstance.

Seven per cent of those who voiced support for legalising abortion felt that financial constraints constituted a valid reason for having an abortion. Others pointed to fear of inability to manage, interference with work, the principle of the person’s right to choose, parental pressure, and unplanned pregnancy.

The abortion issue has been taken up by the Jamaican Parliament again, following the introduction of a resolution on the matter by Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, MP for St. Andrew West Rural.

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