Slow progress in investigation of Canadian woman's death in St. Ann worries her relatives

The Jamaican police are being chastised by the family of the Canadian woman who was found dead on December 30 in St. Ann for what has been characterised as the slow pace of the investigations.
An autopsy has revealed that 53 year old Shirley Lewis-McFarlane died from blunt force trauma to the face and asphyxiation.
It's understood that a person of interest has been taken into custody. However, Yvonne Martin Daley, Superintendent of Police for St. Ann, told the Toronto Star on Saturday that, while the man has provided some information relevant to the investigation, he is not considered a suspect.
Shawn Gavigan, Mrs. Lewis-McFarlene's son, has however criticised what he says is the slow response by Jamaican authorities. He pointed out that it had been twelve days since his mother was found dead, and complained that the police were still without a suspect.
"It takes them forever to do anything, they have been doing the best job to their ability, but there aren’t as many police in Jamaica as they have in the USA or Canada", Mr. Gavigan told the Toronto Star. He also said he believed his mother's death was a targeted hit by someone who knew her.
The grieving son revealed that he had spoken to his mother the day before she was found dead and also believes the motive for the killing is related to money, as he said she got mixed up with the wrong person.

Amanda Gavigan, The victim’s daughter, in an email to the newspaper, described her mother as “full of life” and said she hopes Jamaican authorities will solve the case.

“Not only did I lose my mom, I lost my best friend in such a malicious way. It still doesn’t seem real, but it is and I’m counting on justice to be served,” she wrote.

Lewis-McFarlane had been coming to Jamaica for nearly 14 years, before deciding to permanently settle down in Discovery Bay.

She reportedly married her second husband, a Jamaican, in 2001.



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