Small businesses losing due to states of emergency - Bunting

Peter Bunting
People's National Party (PNP) presidential aspirant Peter Bunting has said small businesses continue to face fallout due to the states of  emergency.
Mr. Bunting said many businesses in areas where the security measure is in effect are operating at a loss. 
"The big business can sell chicken til 2 a.m., but the pan chicken man right at the entrance to the same restaurant gets run off the road by 8 o'clock. The little lady in the community who have her coop and rely on the 150 chicken she have in there to turn over to make her bread - she now nuh have no more customer because the pan chicken man get lock down. And so it is the small person in this country that is bearing the burden of the state of emergency. It is not necessary," Mr. Bunting contended. 
He was speaking on Sunday at a party meeting in St. James.

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