Small businesses treated unfairly in St. James state of emergency, says PNP

Damion Crawford
The opposition People's National Party is accusing the government of  unfair treatment towards small business operators in the State of  Emergency in St. James.
Damion Crawford, Spokesman on Culture, says there are inconsistencies in the established closing hours for small and large businesses in the parish. 
"They are able to put in an advertisment that big business like KFC aguh lock 12 o'clock, but little business like a cook shop aguh lock 8 o'clock," Mr. Crawford highlighted, criticising the government of having no shame or conscience.  
The politician said he was not trying to fight big companies or big events, but was "fighting a system that say a little man have no be seeking to better himself, so fi him dance cyaan keep, but big show can keep."
Mr. Crawford was speaking Sunday night at a PNP divisional conference in Northern Trelawny. 

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