Soldier arrested in connection with illegal gun to face other charges

A Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier who has been charged with illegal possession of a firearm is reportedly facing other charges as the weapon has been linked to three murders committed in Clarendon.
Private Garfield Brown was arrested and charged last week along with Joseph Lindsay who was charged with possession of a stolen motorcar.
The two were held at a house in Swansea, Clarendon.
Police say they tracked the stolen car to the house occupied by the soldier and his co-accused days after investigators found the body of Nigel Wynter - who was driving the vehicle.
Mr. Wynter's body was found in bushes in Swansea.
Sources say the results of ballistics tests released this week have linked the gun seized from the soldier to the murder of Mr. Wynter.
The tests have also shown that the gun was featured in two other murders in Clarendon.
Private Brown and Mr. Lindsay are to return to the Clarendon Parish Court on October 31.

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