South Trelawny residents protest against mining in Cockpit Country

Kenneth Grant, President of the Trelawny Lay Magistrate's Association
Residents of Albert Town and surrounding communities in south Trelawny are staging a demonstration to protest against mining in the Cockpit Country.
They are worried that the underground water table will be affected.
The placard bearing residents took to the streets demanding that their concerns be addressed. 
Kenneth Grant, President of the Trelawny Lay Magistrate's Association, said he will mount a legal challenge against any plan to conduct mining in the Cockpit Country. 
"I am totally, totally against any form of bauxite mining in the Cockpit Country and I am prepared to do whatever it takes, within the boundaries of the law, to try and prevent this.... We provide 40 per cent of the freshwater that Jamaica needs. How can we destroy this source?" he lamented. 

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