St. Catherine burial parks running out of space

The St. Catherine Health Department has provided details of the process for granting the operators of Dovecot Memorial Park approval for expansion of the burial site which is running out of space.

Councillors in the St Catherine Municipal Corporation requested the information at last month's meeting of the corporation after it was revealed that Dovecot has started its expansion project. 

Some Councillors have objected to the expansion, siding  with residents in the surrounding communities who have expressed concerns including health implications.

Presenting a report from the Medical Officer for Health for St. Catherine on Thursday, Chief Public Health Inspector for the parish, Grayson Hutchinson told the Councillors that the operators of Dovecot submitted an application to the National Environment and Planning Agency in 2014.

Hutchinson says an Environmental Impact Assessment was requested and done and as a part of this, a public consultation meeting was held in early 2015.

He says approval for expansion was granted to Dovecot operators on December 15, 2015.However, the permit was not issued until April 2016. 

Operators of Meadowrest Memorial Gardens in St. Catherine have also applied to NEPA seeking approval to expand as it too is approaching its capacity.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation, Norman Scott has raised more questions about the objections by residents to the expansion of Dovecot Memorial Park.

As a result he has asked  the St Catherine Health Department provide the number of residents who voted for or against the project.

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