St. Catherine Municipal Council targeting illegally parked trucks

Mayor Norman Scott

The St. Catherine Municipal Corporation has said it will be targeting drivers of  heavy-duty trucks who park illegally.
Spanish Town Mayor Norman Scott said the corporation is moving to eliminate the practice which is costing lives.
Mr. Scott said Old Harbour Road is now clear of what had become a daily scene of heavy-duty trucks parked along the thoroughfare.
But the issue, he said, is more of a security concern than a traffic issue.
Mr. Scott pointed to a January 12 incident where a taxi driver was murdered in Eltham Park.

"He (the attacker) hid behind a parked truck and pounced on the taxi operator, and so councillors, we're taking a zero tolerance to all those trucks," he signalled.

Mayor Scott said by law, drivers of heavy-duty trucks are not permitted to park in residential areas, such as housing schemes. He lamented that, by so doing, they are helping to facilitate perpetrators who use these trucks as hiding places when they are committing criminal acts.

The mayor said authorities will be working under the Planning Act to rid residential communities of these illegally parked trucks.

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