St. Elizabeth man accused of killing his father, freed

A St. Elizabeth man who was accused of killing his father during a dispute at their home in Thornton early this year was on Tuesday freed when he appeared in the St. Elizabeth parish court.
Sylburn Williams was freed after the prosecution told the court that based on the statement given by the accused it appeared that he was acting in self  defence.
Mr. Williams is accused of using a machete to chop his father, Gilbert Williams.
The prosecution admitted that the only witness to the killing was the accused and based on his account of the incident he was acting in self defence after his father attacked him with a machete.
In his statement, Mr. Williams said he and his father were at home in January when an argument developed.
Mr. Williams said he chopped his father on the neck.
He then went to the Siloah police station to report the incident.
His father was pronounced dead at hospital.

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