St. Elizabeth police report increase in major crimes

The St. Elizabeth Police Division is reporting a 13 per cent increase in major crimes in the parish since the start of the year.
This is despite a reduction in murders and rapes when compared to the same period last year.
Deputy Superintendent Leroy Minnott, acting head of the division, said the parish has recorded seven fewer murders since the start of the year to September 9. 
DSP Minnott also reported a more than 50 per cent clear up rate in murder investigations since the start of the year.
He added that, with police personel from the parish serving in the State of Emergency in St. James, there is a strain on the resources of the parish.
Despite that, DSP Minott said significant strides have been made to improve security in St. Elizabeth in areas plagued by gang violence such as New Town Black River and Brompton.

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