St. Elizabeth potentially a "major tourist destination"

Edmund Bartlett
The Tourism Ministry has said St. Elizabeth has the potential to become a major tourist destination.
Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett and his team were in the parish on Wednesday as they seek to put plans into motion.
The team toured some of the attractions, including the Black River Safari.
In an interview with RJR News, the Tourism Minister said the purpose of his visit was to complete a policy revision with regards to the use of the Black River as it relates to its density, carrying capacity and the amount of activity that can be allowed. 
In addition, the minister said licensing, quality control and regulatory arrangements that are in place will be assessed to "secure the integrity of our destination and the safety of the users of Black River."
In the meantime, Mr. Bartlett added that plans are still on the table for the development of the south coast. 
He noted that while a port will no longer be placed at Black River because of its silt content, the discussions surrounding the construction of a port at Font Hill will be ambitious as the area has the potential for oil and there are concerns regarding endangered species such as crocodiles and turtles.

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