St. Elizabeth woman killed by estranged husband

A woman is dead after she was allegedly shot by her estranged husband in Seaview, St Elizabeth this morning.
She has been identified as  Moylyn Williams, 49.
Residents told RJR News that the couple had been separated for close to four years, however,her sister, Denise, reported seeing the man in the community of Southfield last month.
Ms Williams' sister Denise reported seeing the man in the Southfield community last month:
The police report that shortly after 6am, Ms Williams, who transported students for a living, entered her Toyota Hiace bus with her nephew.
It's alleged that her husband was waiting in the front seat.
Ms Williams drove the bus a short distance before the man reportedly pulled a firearm and shot her twice.
She was pronounced dead at hospital, her' nephew was not harmed.

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