Stricter action to be taken against persons who light fires - NEPA

Richard Nelson, Senior Manager for the Environmental Management Sub-division of NEPA
The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is warning that more stringent action will be taken against persons who continue to light fires in communities.
Richard Nelson, Senior Manager for the Environmental Management Sub-division of NEPA, explained that the issue was recently revisited after a meeting with representatives of the agency and other stakeholders.
From the meeting, some action items included looking at existing legislation and exploring the consolidation of various laws to get a more comprehensive regime to deal with the issue.
Mr. Nelson stated that an anti-burning campaign was also relaunched earlier this year targeting a number of areas.
One area of focus is the Riverton dump and surrounding areas.
He explained Tuesday on RJR's Beyond The Headlines, that state resources, such as the security forces and political representatives, have already been mobilised to address the matter.
Initiatives like the anti-burning campaign are aimed at the wider population, and in particular the agricultural community.
"It is also to try and have farmers change their way of farming. You know that there is a lot of slash and burn and most of the fires along these roadsides is a result of these slash and burn fires getting out of hand; and so the anti-burning campaign is looking at changing their behaviour, their way of life," Mr. Nelson suggested. 
The aim, according to him, is education before enforcement.

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