Supposed Jamaican man fighting deportation from UK

A man who British authorities believe to be Jamaican is embroiled in a compensation battle in the UK and fighting his deportation.
Paulo Antonio, whose true identity remains a mystery, was jailed for nine years for robbing a post office with an imitation gun.
A report in the Daily Mail newspaper says although the Home Office believes he is Jamaican, officials in Jamaica say there is no proof he is from the island and have resisted attempts to receive him.
Mr. Antonio is now back on the streets and embroiled in a compensation battle for being illegally detained after his failed deportation to Portugal.
It is reported that he was granted legal aid to seek compensation for being held by police who were trying to determine his real nationality.   
A new hearing into the former reggae DJ’s compensation claim is due later this year – further delaying efforts to deport him.

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