Supreme Court orders reinstatement of Arleen McBean as Police Federation chairman

Hugh Wildman and Corporal Arlene McBean speaking with Hotline host, Emily Shields
The Supreme Court on Friday morning ordered that Corporal Arleen McBean is to be immediately reinstated as Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation after she was removed from the post in January.
The police corporal and her attorney, Hugh Wildman, had brought an ex parte notice of application for a mandatory injunction in the Supreme Court on February 18 seeking to have the corporal returned as chairman.
Speaking on RJR's Hotline programme Friday afternoon, Mr. Wildman, argued that the Central Executive of the Police Federation acted in breach of the law when it removed her via a no-confidence vote on January 29.
In her judgement, Justice Bertram Linton wrote that it would be unfair to Corporal McBean if the Court did not grant the injunction for her to challenge the allegations made against her.
Lawyers for Inspector Sheldon Gordon and Sergeant Patrae Rowe, who were appointed Chairman and General Secretary of the Police Federation following Corporal McBean's removal, argued that she was duly removed by the Central Executive which elected her.
They alleged that she was removed due to mismanagement of the affairs of the Federation.
They also accused her of misdirecting the funds of the Federation and acting without the authority and consensus of the Central Committee.
Corporal McBean has dismissed the allegations, describing them as scandalous and defamatory.
Ms McBean argued that she was unconstitutionally removed from the post after she was elected last May to serve as chairman for a year under provisions provided in the Jamaica Constabulary Force Act.
Meanwhile, Corporal McBean, who also spoke on RJR's Hotline, has said she is prepared to run again for membership of the Central Executive of the Police Federation, despite the dispute.
She said she is ready to work with the members who removed her in January. 
The Election for a new Central Committee of the Police Federation is scheduled for May.

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