Suspect held in fatal crash of jet ski was in court two weeks ago

JHTA President Evelyn Smith

It has been revealed by the police that the suspect held in connection with Tuesday's jet ski crash which killed an American tourist in Westmoreland was recently taken to court for illegally operating a water craft machine.    

Fifty-three-year-old Thomas Torres, of  Las Vegas, was struck by a jet ski as he was swimming at the Travellers Beach Hotel in Negril.

The police later arrested the suspect and seized four jet skis. Assistant Superintendent of  the Marine Police, Adrian Hamilton, revealed that the suspect was before the court only weeks ago.

Call for ban

Meanwhile, there is a call from some members of  the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) for a complete ban on jet skis in certain resort areas. This would be an interim step until permanent measures are implemented.

Evelyn Smith, JHTA President, told RJR News that some of  the Association's members are adamant that this is the only way to proceed.

"The sentiments of the members is that everything needs to come off the water until we are satisfied that we can enforce the whole situation, then one can look at determining specific areas," she asserted.


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