Suspected dengue cases increase

Dr. Karen Webster Kerr and Dr. Christopher Tufton
The number of suspected dengue cases continue to increase. 
The Ministry of Health says 571 people were treated for dengue related symptoms up to December 12. 
That was up from 412 cases reported last month. 
"For dengue hemorrhagic, which is a rare complication of dengue, we have noted this year to have 70 suspected cases, compared to 38 last year," revealed Dr. Karen Webster Kerr, Principal Medical Officer in the National Epidemiology Unit. 
Despite the increased number of cases, the Health Ministry maintains there is no outbreak.
"It's not a crisis but it's also a reason to be concerned to take whatever precaution is necessary, and the first line of defence frankly speaking is to control or attempt to control your own environment," said Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton.
Dr. Webster Kerr and Dr. Tufton were speaking at a media briefing on Wednesday.

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