"Tackle it from another angle" - says attorney on CCJ case

Despite yesterday's decision by the Caribbean Court of  Justice (CCJ), to dismiss the claim of  a Trinidadian challenging the acceptance methodology of  regional law schools, the attorney in the matter has declared that this is not the end of  the matter.

Jamaican attorney practicing in Trinidad and Tobago, Matthew Gayle, has stated that the issue will have to be tackled from another angle.

Trinidadian Jason Jones had challenged the automatic acceptance by the law school of  students with law degrees from the UWI, arguing that it was discriminatory. 

However, the CCJ dismissed the matter yesterday, arguing that it had no jurisdiction to entertain a claim against the Council of  Legal Education. 

It argued that this arrangement was between CARICOM States which are parties to the agreement, so they must in principle continue to give full force to the Agreement which governs admission to the law schools. 

Gayle has expressed disappointment at the court not accepting jurisdiction to hear the merits of  the matter, as it has left a huge problem in the region unresolved.

However, he is adamant that this is not the final attempt.

”The terms of legal application has been established and there is no redress directly against the council of legal education. But clearly, the governments that have signed the treaty have left their citizens without a legal course of redress and that’s something that must be challenged,” Gayle said. 


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