Tax Administration Jamaica warns delinquent taxpayers

Tax Administration Jamaica is warning delinquent taxpayers it has stepped up efforts to end tax evasion, following the recent conviction of  a businessman for unlawfully collecting general consumption tax (GCT).

It says Aladin Restaurant and its director, Mohamad Belal Almasri, were not registered taxpayers when they collected GCT from customers in March, May and July this year.

They pleaded guilty last month in the Sutton Street Corporate Area Parish Court.

The punishment for such a crime is a fine not exceeding five million dollars or imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months or to both.

Tax Administration Jamaica says it has increased its drive to combat tax evasion and has through the Courts, summoned a number of  persons across the island to answer to charges of  tax evasion.

It is warning delinquent taxpayers that failure to report income, profits or gains as defined within the Income Tax Act, will result in enforcement action.

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