Taxi operators still considering fare increase

Deon Chance, President of the National Council of Taxi Associations


Taxi operators have signalled that they have not abandoned plans to seek a fare increase.
Following the Finance Minister's announcement in March of a hike in the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on fuel, taxi associations had clamoured for an increase in fares - some as much as 50 per cent.
But not much has been said on the matter since then.
Deon Chance, President of the National Council of Taxi Associations, told RJR News that a fare increase is still under consideration by the members.

He said the recent announcement of eight year old vehicles for the taxi industry is welcomed, so members will be closely monitoring that and other developments in the industry to see "how best it balances and if we will be able to save more in our pockets rather than spending the majority of what we make."
In an interview with RJR News in March, Transport Minister Mike Henry said applications for an increase in fares would be carefully considered.
During the month, Mr. Henry met with several groups representing taxi operators and said he would hold further consultations with the sector to assess the impact of the tax increase on their operations.

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