Teacher shortage looms


Jamaica’s schools face the likelihood of a shortage of specialist teachers when the new academic year begins in a few weeks, according to the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA).

JTA President Garth Anderson told RJR News that an increasing number of teachers have been resigning to take up jobs overseas, many of them going to the United States and Japan, and he fears it will not be easy to fill those vacancies.

He said the subject areas of greatest need are likely to be science and mathematics.


Qualified graduates

In a related news release on Monday evening, the Ministry of Education said secondary school principals who are facing challenges finding mathematics and science teachers should contact Mico University College and Church Teachers' College to identify graduates who are available for employment.
The Ministry says 176 students have completed a Bachelor of  Science degree in Secondary Education under a scholarship programme initiated by the Government in 2015.

It says the students are now ready for employment.

The students specialized in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, as well as Technical and Vocation Education


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