Teachers at Marcus Garvey Technical High School restive

All is not well with teachers at the Marcus Garvey Technical High School in St. Ann.

Several of  the teachers staged a sit-in yesterday and are planning to continue their protest today.

Yesterday's action reportedly led to a disruption of  classes at the school's Ocho Rios and St. Ann's Bay campuses.

The teachers are said to be upset about the management style of  the Principal of  Marcus Garvey Technical, Leslie Riley.

At the centre of  the dispute is the reported redeployment of  some teachers from the St. Ann's Bay campus to the Ocho Rios location without the principal carrying out adequate consultation.

The teachers are also upset that withdrawals were made from one of  their colleague's salary after she remained at the St. Ann's Bay campus.

A spokesman for the teachers says they will continue their protest until the amount withdrawn is repaid.

Our news centre was unable to reach Mr. Riley for a comment.


    When contacted Jamaica Teachers' Association President, Clayton Hall, said he was aware of  an incident at Marcus Garvey Technical but was awaiting details on the action taken by the teachers.

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