Teachers' strike felt across all parishes

A parent at Ardenne High School and Mona High Principal Kevin Jones
The impact of the industrial action taken by public sector teachers was felt across all parishes on Monday.
Many primary and high school teachers stayed home to protest unsettled wage negotiations.
This resulted in numerous schools being closed.
In the Corporate Area, Rousseau Primary, Jamaica College, Campion College and Ardenne High were just some of the schools affected.  
However, classes were in full session at Mona High School. Principal Kevin Jones commended his teachers for turning up for work, however, he offered a suggestion to the government. 
"The recommendation that I have for the Ministry of Education, and by extension the government, is to listen to your teachers, go back to the drawing board, see whatever you can do to actually pay the teachers some more money because we know the economic situation in Jamaica at this time and teachers really would like to be paid a little bit better so that they can actually live comfortably in the society," he urged. 
The Ministry of Education said Region 2, which comprises St. Thomas, Portland and St. Mary reported that 21 high schools and 59 primary schools were in session. 
At the primary level, attendance by teachers and students was low. 
Region 6, which is responsible for St. Catherine and Clarendon, reported that 150 schools were checked and 20 were closed. 
In Region 3, which comprises Trelawny and St. Ann, of the 50 schools checked, eleven were closed. 
Checks were also made in St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland which revealed that 40 per cent of the 165 schools were operating.  
Students at Montego Bay Infant School were sent home. 
Cornaldi Primary was also dismissed as only 19 teachers turned up for classes.
Meanwhile, there was a near total lockdown of schools in St. Elizabeth.
After the morning session, only about two primary schools remained open.
Information reaching RJR News is that all schools in the parish will be closed on Tuesday.  
Some teachers have said they will be assisting students who are to sit their Grade Six Achievement Test this month.

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